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Published: 2012-09-22
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The Millennium Bridge: a picturesque corner of Vitebsk.

Millennium Bridge | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsTo enjoy the spectacular views of Vitebsk, it is enough to walk in the pedestrian Millennium Bridge. Slowly, step by step, you will see an unknown city opening in front of you; where the monumental building of dynamic Vitebsk and incredible scenery, covered with romance and mystery, create an aura of mystery, harmony and comfort over the city.

Vitebsk is a city of contrasts. It's an amazing spot on the earth, where past and present only complement each other, showing an even more mysterious and enigmatic image of amazing Vitebsk for us.

Millennium Bridge | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsIf it is hard for you to choose what to see in Vitebsk, start your exploration of the city with a leisurely stroll. You will find interesting ideas for your trip at Vitebsk site, which has collected historical, cultural and modern sights of the city. You will know, where the most beautiful views of Vitebsk are born, which can conquer even the most sophisticated heart with their beauty. And Vitebsk bridges are highly appreciated for a reason; where the sceneries woven from comfort, harmony, love and beauty, create their amazing world filled with fascinating light of romance and happiness.

Millennium Bridge | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsYes, Vitebsk bridges are a special, unique world where the impossible becomes reality. That is why many guests of tourist Vitebsk remember walking over the pedestrian Millennium Bridge with excitement and admiration, which towers above the smooth waters of the Vitba River, linking the two banks of the river, as if past and present. Well-dressed green, which encloses the Millennium Bridge, gives a special flavor of the surrounding landscape, bringing a unique note to the modern image of the dynamic city, woven from restless lacy foliage, majestic and monumental buildings and the fate of the ancient city.

Millennium Bridge | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsCaught in this wonderful corner of Vitebsk, do not hurry to go. Let`s enjoy the surrounding harmony, beauty, and learn more interesting facts about the attractions of Vitebsk at the same time. The Millennium Bridge opens not only the fascinating world of views of Vitebsk, but also no less remarkable building of urban architecture - Cultural and Business Centre "Vitebsk". The Building of Veterinary Academy (Former Land-Peasant Bank) is located near the bridge. Frunze Park differs with special beauty, where mysterious history of Vitebsk sounds in enchanting whisper of leaves. And, of course, you cannot ignore "Junction of Three Rivers" Fountain - its peculiar beauty and clean play awaken a romantic mood in the soul. And to learn more about these Vitebsk attractions, take a leisurely stroll through the pages of city portal VitebskCity.by to make sure again how exciting the history could be.