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Article's author: Svetlana Vysotskaya
Published: 2012-08-28
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Victory Square: magnificent heritage of Vitebsk.

Victory Square | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk -AttractionsIf you want to walk on one of the largest squares in Europe, you should definitely come to Vitebsk. Here is what to wander: in Vitebsk there is one of the most beautiful places in Belarus - Victory Square, which differs with original architectural design, scenic landscapes and an unprecedented feeling of space and freedom.

Vitebsk is a city of contrasts, rich traditions and unique attractions. There sometimes incongruous things are so successfully combined, that there is a feeling of fantastic unreality. And each element of the urban development is original, soaked in the history of Vitebsk. But the thing is that you will not have to ask every time what to see in Vitebsk. The answer is obvious: you need only look out that the city and the culture of Vitebsk should talk to you in the language of history.

Victory Square | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk -AttractionsOnce appearing in the city, some leisurely roam the streets, while others look for interesting architectural solutions of Vitebsk, and some people seek a sense of flight and freedom. But to fully experience the state of infinity and calm happiness, it is enough to walk around Victory Square. The biggest in Belarus and the largest in Europe, Victory Square gives a possibility to fully admire the spectacular views of Vitebsk and appreciate the beauty of the city.

The history of Vitebsk tells that the square with a central memorial in honour of the Soviet liberators was decorated in 1974, having suddenly become the ornament of the prosperous city. The architectural ensemble has been in intact up to 2009. However in 2009 a need for reconstruction of Victory Square matured due to the lack of modern elements in the decoration, and the design needed to be updated. The reconstruction was held during the year, and in May of 2010, devoted to the 65th anniversary of liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders, the updated square of Vitebsk sparkled in all its beauty.

Victory Square | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk -AttractionsAs a result of construction work the appearance and design of Victory Square has changed. The residents and guests of Vitebsk saw a unique set with Memorial "Three Bayonets" - a monumental tribute to the immortal merit of the inhabitants of Vitebsk region in the fight against Nazi invaders.

Victory Square | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk -AttractionsSpecial attention should be paid to modern and dynamic design of the square, which became a reflection of rapidly developing Vitebsk. Paving slab, light-dynamic fountains, exotic thujas, LED screens and the stage – all these elements have fit the square with European scales into the urban development not violating the integrity of the architectural composition. A special role is assigned to Winners Park, which is not only a rich decoration of Vitebsk square, but a unique live stand, which displays models of military and modern technology.

The length of Victory Square could not but admire – it occupies 72.000 m2. Due to its beauty and unprecedented scale the square became a centre of cultural life. There is even indisputable rule among the townspeople: to have a good weekend in Vitebsk, it is necessary to come to Victory Square.

It is planned further development of Vitebsk square – in the near future there will install a Ferris wheel, a parachute tower, a pier will be build on the quay.

Victory Square | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk -AttractionsThe guests and residents especially like picturesque landscapes viewed from Victory Square, as well as the general views of Vitebsk – modern, dynamic, drowning in the sun and the mirror surface of the Dvina.

You can walk in Vitebsk for hours, and every time you will discover something new and exciting in the history of the city. And to spend a weekend in Vitebsk with benefit, visit the city portal VitebskCity.by. The remarkable history of the city and its culture are laid out in full view. Studying the pages of Vitebsk site, you can make your unique route of a memorable trip. But if you decide to start the acquaintance with the city in Victory Square, you will certainly get acquainted with other attractions of Vitebsk located nearby: Memorial Complex "Three Bayonets", which is a monumental and majestic ornament of the square, as well as Winners Park. Judges of art and beauty will get a lot of positive emotions visiting the Exhibition Hall of the Modern Art Museum. Romantic persons will appreciate a memorable walk in Lenin Street.