Информационно-туристический  сайт  города Витебска

Three BayonetsIf you got in the ancient Vitebsk, and do not know where to start the acquaintance, visit city portal VitebskCity.By – and you will not regret. Here is the most complete information about Vitebsk, so complete that, looking through the pages of the portal, it will seem that you are making a virtual walk through the city. And you will not agonize with a question, what to see in Vitebsk, on the contrary, you will think about where to start first encounter with the city.

You can feel the atmosphere of the city, learn its traditions and understand the basis of identity only after study its history and the main stages of development. This does not requires spending days and nights in the library, armed with hundreds of books. You should look at site of Vitebsk, leisurely wandering through the unique sections of the home page to make sure again how good this city is.

A wonderful and fascinating world of Vitebsk sights will appear in front of you. They give the city that flavour that makes memories of Vitebsk even brighter and more beautiful. That's why you want to return here again and again.

In order to comprehend the mystery of the ancient city, you should look into its architecture, most of which are simply not in the bank of Vitebsk sights - they have formed the basis of the spiritual and cultural core of the city.

Vitebsk streets conceal so many highlights and surprises, hide so many secrets that it will take more than one day to thoroughly examine the priceless exhibits of the bank of Vitebsk sights. You should start the first, distant, acquaintance with the city from Vitebsk site, not leaving unsaid words and unpassed tourist routes.

The home page of city portal VitebskCity.By will tell you about it and more:

- About Vitebsk - Vitebsk is a city of contrasts. This is an amazing place where traditions of the bygone eras and the fashions of today unusually harmoniously blend. You can talk about the sights of Vitebsk indefinitely long.

- Monuments and Sculptures - Vitebsk is an unusual city. And sometimes you wonder how harmoniously intertwine here past and present. Probably because here while creating the future people rely on the history of the city of Vitebsk and its traditions.

- Rivers and Lakes - What could be more beautiful than the crystalline surface of the water, where, as in a mirror, the world around us is reflected, so exciting and fascinating?! Yes, Vitebsk! Festive, colorful and so unique, like a gracious host, it warmly greets and follow

- Religious Buildings - Tourist Vitebsk is a wonderful city. Here, along with modern architectural complexes monuments of architecture and art are located in a cozy neighborhood and have been worthy ornament of Vitebsk more than one hundred years.

- City Architecture - Tourist Vitebsk hides many attractions. And sometimes you do not stop to wonder with this wealth: after all, each time walking around the city, you

- Squares, Streets, Bridges - Vitebsk is a dynamic city that could be proud of not only its rich cultural heritage, but no less intriguing present. Modern architecture of Vitebsk could not but impress with its grandeur and majesty, monumentality, and at the same time, unusual ease.

- Parks and Public Gardens - Tired of city fuss and weekdays, quickly receding into the past, everyone wants to treat himself with calm. To enjoy the birds singing and, watching the sunbeams whispered to the leaves, to duck into the sweet world of dreams. You see, tourist Vitebsk is

- Museums and Exhibitions - Vitebsk is a city of art. And you could not but agree with this. Tourist Vitebsk attracts with an endless walk on the streets and alleys - it does not matter: you have lived here more than a dozen years, or are making first steps in Vitebsk, mysterious an

- Fountains - Finding ourselves in a strange city, we try to capture its landscapes, architectural ensembles and monuments of culture and art forever in the memory that once these moments would illuminate our soul with pleasant warmth and light.