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Holidays and festivals in Vitebsk.

Vitebsk is an unusual place, where a surprisingly harmonious combination of holiday, luxury and discreet serious rhythm of everyday life is felt in every breath. However, you realize it only later, comparing the images of the everyday city with fussy passerbys and the images of the holiday city, wrapped with the atmosphere of luxury, fun and general happiness.

Vitebsk residents, however, as all Belarusians, live according to the canons of the folk wisdom - work done, have your fun. The burden of gray routine everyday life and scuttling time sometimes carefully conceal the world of wonderful and nice from us. Perhaps that is why people in the country especially appreciate Belarusian holidays and try to spend them to make memorable and most enjoyable moments in life. After all, in the days of general joy and celebration we face the amazing secrets, unsolved mysteries and enigmas of ancient Vitebsk. The list of holidays in Belarus includes not only state, but also religious, and folk events. The calendar of Belarusian holidays will tell more about them.

Folk Festivals.

Folk Festivals occupy a special place among Belarusian holidays calendar. And all because these days are especially appreciated by Belarusian people. Although the holiday calendar does not reserve days off for their celebration, they have been still awaited and much loved for several decades.

State Holidays.

Holidays are the best way to help us shake off the routine and everyday life. For each of us it is a long-awaited date when you can have a rest and relax. A special place in the calendar belongs to state holidays, which, being an essential symbol of the sovereignty and identity of Belarusian state, are celebrated in every family.

Religious Holidays.

A special place in the Belarusian calendar belongs to religious holidays. And it does not matter whether it is Catholic or Orthodox holidays - they are widely celebrated in every home, they are well-liked in each family, as they strengthen family ties and fill our hearts with the light and purity. Therefore, they are sometimes fairly called family holidays.

Memory Days.

In Belarus there are special dates, the memories of which cause tremors and pain. These days in the list of Belarusian holidays are foremost strictly related to the history of the country and reflect the key milestones that have somehow affected its further development. There are several these dates in Belarus, but each of them is imbued with a special and tragic sacrifice.