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Money of Belarus.

Money has firmly settled in our life, and we do not spend a day without contacting it. Electronic cash, plastic cards and even cash in the wallet - each of these forms of keeping money opens up a world of endless possibilities, which make our life more comfortable and comfort.

Payment for goods and services in Vitebsk, however, as in all over the country, is made only in Belarusian rubles as well as settling in other currency is strictly prohibited. However, you should not worry much because of this, since Vitebsk is a modern city with well-developed infrastructure. There are all conditions for even the most demanding tourists. So if suddenly you did not have Belarusian money - do not worry, since currency exchange in Vitebsk is not a problem – there are enough exchange offices and branches of various banks in the city. You can also convert foreign currency into Belarusian rubles to cash it through an ATM. You can always find ATMs and exchange offices in large stores of Vitebsk, in shopping centers, as well as railway and bus station.

E (Internet) Money.

In Belarus, as in other countries, you can buy goods, fuel, pay utilities using e-money. It should be borne in mind that these payments have the specificity due to the peculiarities of the Belarusian legislation. The main feature - internet money in Belarus can be nominated only in Belarusian rubles and banks-issuers (acquiring banks) strictly adhere to this rule. E-money can be purchased both in the banks-issuers and in their agents.

Money Transfer.

Sometimes we have to deal with the question of how to send money to Belarus from another country, or how to send financial aid to relatives living or staying abroad. At first the issue seems difficult and overwhelming, but it is actually easy enough. You can perform money transfer in any branch of the bank you like.

Cash Money.

200 000 belarusian rublesBelarusian money is represented by bills of various denominations with face value of 10 to 200 000 rubles. The currency notes, there are 12 species, differ with colours and unique graphics performance, thanks to which you can make a sort of map of Belarusian sights.

Plastic Cards.

Plastic CardIn Vitebsk, you can pay for goods and services both in cash and with bank cards. Banks and ATMs deal with Belarusian plastic cards (BelCard-M) as well as cards of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro international payment systems.