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Article's author: Svetlana Vysotskaya
Published: 2013-03-20
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Cash Money.

200 000 belarusian rublesBelarusian money is represented by bills of various denominations with face value of 50 to 200 000 rubles. The currency notes, there are 10 species, differ with colours and unique graphics performance, thanks to which you can make a sort of map of Belarusian sights.

50 belarusian rubles50 belarusian rubles50 rubles Ц a brick red note. The front side is a picture of the Kholm Gates in Brest Fortress, and the reverse side shows Brest Fortress.

100 belarusian rubles100 belarusian rubles100 rubles Ц a light green note with a picture of the building of the capital Opera and Ballet Theatre (before the renovation). On the back side one of the episodes of the ballet "Miss Right" is located.

500 belarusian rubles500 belarusian rubles500 rubles Цa light brown note. One of its sides shows the capital Palace of Culture, the other - the artists.

1 000 belarusian rubles1 000 belarusian rubles1 000 rubles Ц a light blue note, on the front side of which Minsk Museum of Art is reflected, , and the back a piece of "Flowers and Fruit" picture is posted.

5 000 belarusian rubles5 000 belarusian rubles5 000 rubles Ц a blue note depicts the Palace of Sports in Minsk, and on the reverse side there is a general view of sport complex "Raubichi".

10 000 belarusian rubles10 000 belarusian rubles10 000 rubles Ц a pink note is decorated with a picturesque view of Vitebsk, and on the reverse side there is a significant sight of the city - the Summer Amphitheatre.

20 000 belarusian rubles20 000 belarusian rubles20 000 rubles Ц a gray notes draws the image of the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches in Gomel, and on the back of a general view of the estate is placed.

50 000 belarusian rubles50 000 belarusian rubles50 000 rubles Ц a blue note with the image of Mir Castle. The reverse side features different decorations of the castle.

100 000 belarusian rubles100 000 belarusian rubles100 000 rubles Ц an orange note depicts the Radziwills Castle in Nesvizh, and the reverse side is given a picturesque view of the castle.

200 000 belarusian rubles200 000 belarusian rubles200 000 rubles Ц a note made in the green-gray, orange and brown colours. On the front side P.Maslennikov Mogilev Regional Art Museum is featured. The reverse side of the note bears a variety of decorative elements, which are applied in the design of the museum.

It should not be forgotten that you will not find cents among Belarusian money, because they are not used in the country. However, in spite of this the National Bank periodically releases commemorative coins, which are of special interest for collectors. These coins can be purchased at the city bank branches.