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Article's author: Vladimir Aleshkovski
Published: 2012-11-18
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Fountain "Junction of Three Rivers".

Fountain "Junction of Three Rivers" | Fountains | Vitebsk - AttractionsTaking a walk in Lenin Street to the City Hall, you will certainly see one of the most noticeable and symbolic architectural sites of the city over the Dvina River - Fountain "Junction of Three Rivers". Going on a tour in ancient Vitebsk, you should visit this place.

One of the Vitebsk attractions and favorite place of rest of Vitebsk residents is a fountain, which people call in different ways - "three mermaids", "three girls", "three women" etc. Few know the right name of this Fountain – "Junction of Three Rivers".

Fountain "Junction of Three Rivers" | Fountains | Vitebsk - AttractionsAlthough the fountain has been relatively recently built, the local youth say with confidence that this construction is a hundred years old and, of course, they are wrong. The old-timers recall that there were round baths with small fountains in this place. Only in 1987, architect V.Andaralov and sculptor A.Tarosyan presented their next creation to the inhabitants of the Northern Capital – a cascading fountain, with three allegorical figures symbolizing the junction of three Vitebsk rivers: Western Dvina, Vitba and Luchesa.

If you look deeper into the history of Vitebsk, then this place will be extremely holy. Indeed, the photographs of the late 19th century show that this area was occupied by the Church of St.Anthony of Padua, the Bernardine Monastery, which from hearsay in the 1950s fell victim to "improvement" of the centre of Vitebsk.

But we will not judge anyone for the loss of no less important object of architecture of the city. Now it is hard to imagine our favorite Vitebsk without amazing bronze women, symbolizing water areas of the Cultural Capital. In the high temperatures season, which has very often accompanied Vitebsk summer in recent years, the fountain is just “besieged” by the city residents. Here you can not only take pictures on the back of silent sculptures, but also find a good shelter from the extreme heat. For children, this fountain is a special entertainment, where they can rash in the water, wetting their peers with cool splash. Fortunately, the local authorities do not prevent this.

So, come on, you will not regret! Moreover, there is still a lot to see nearby. To say the least, Frunze Park located directly behind the fountain is an oasis in the centre of Vitebsk. There you will easily find a place to rest. The Resurrection Church is solemnly set opposite the Fountain "Junction of three rivers". The church has been recently rebuilt, but fits perfectly into the surrounding urban landscape. And the church is located in one of the most beautiful streets in tourist VitebskSuvorov Street. It has long been a favorite place for residents and visitors of Vitebsk. The City Hall is a visiting card of Vitebsk, an architectural monument of the 18th century. The building hosts Vitebsk Regional Museum of Local History and a viewing platform from which you will discover unique views of Vitebsk.

More information on Vitebsk attractions can be found on city portal VitebskCity.by. The site has collected the most useful and interesting information that will be useful not only for tourists, but the innates of our wonderful city.