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Article's author: Svetlana Vysotskaya
Published: 2012-12-06
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Steam Locomotive-Monument L-3562 – wonderful and incredible.

Steam Locomotive-Monument | Monuments and Sculptures | Vitebsk - AttractionsThe Steam Locomotive-Monument in Vitebsk is one of the most amazing places in the city that are worth mentioning in a travel way. Once this Steam Locomotive was adorned with bas-reliefs of V.Lenin and I.Stalin, that one day mysteriously disappeared. First, the locomotive was named in honor of the Victory, but soon after start of the production line, it was renamed…

Who was in Vitebsk at least once, wants to return to this city of great beauty again and again. And all because on every street, on every corner of the city you will find amazing images that seem to have gone from the pages of the history of Vitebsk and frozen in the present, connecting the past and the future, preserving tradition and saving the succession.

Particular attention should be paid to the monuments in Vitebsk - they are not just a symbol of identity but a unique textbook, where the culture of Vitebsk emerges, in full view. One day, while walking through the city, you'll see the unusual Steam Locomotive-Monument in Vitebsk. Perhaps at first glance you will think that there is nothing unusual in it. But, nevertheless, you should carefully look at or at least thumb the pages of the portal about Vitebsk to learn the amazing history of this great machine.

Steam Locomotive-Monument | Monuments and Sculptures | Vitebsk - AttractionsToday the Steam Locomotive-Monument is located in the locomotive depot at Vitebsk station. According to the serial number – L-3562 – the machine was released in the postwar period. To be precise, in 1954, and a year later the production of the steam locomotives of this series was stopped. During ten years since 1945 4199 steam locomotives were released. All of them bore the name "Victory" and were issued with serial letter "P". But in 1947 the letter "P" was replaced by "L" to perpetuate the name of the chief designer of this steam locomotive L.Lebedyansky.

But the most interesting thing what the history of Vitebsk hides – mysterious disappearance of V.Lenin and I.Stalin from the steam locomotive. Rather, their bas-reliefs on the five-pointed star, which originally adorned the pediment of the steam locomotive. In fact, after the XX Party Congress (February 1956) with the bas-reliefs on almost all trains in this series have been dismantled and their fate is unknown. And the Steam Locomotive-Monument in Vitebsk was no exception. Currently, only two steam locomotives survived in their original form, now located in Russia.

By the way, there are other interesting attractions of Vitebsk not far from the Steam Locomotive-Monument in Vitebsk. For example, the Railway Station Building and Sculpture "Welcomers". Nearby is the forge of gifts - the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity and spacious and bright Kirov Street.

The history hides many incidents and incredible events. Sometimes to find the amazing facts you need to re-read more than a dozen of text-books. Although you can do it even easier - take a look at site VitebskCity.by. Here you not only learn about the interesting pages of the history of Vitebsk, but also take a virtual tour of the remarkable streets of the magical city.

Address of the Steam Locomotive-Monument: Vitebsk station.