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Published: 2012-08-28
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Sculpture of San Crispin: an open-air studio.

Sculpture of the Patron of Shoemakers and Tanners "San Crispin" | Monuments and Sculptures | Vitebsk - AttractionsHistory of Vitebsk lives in monuments of culture and art. And though San Crispin was not Vitebsk resident, and not even Belarusian, he still found a place in the hospitable city. The citizens liked the Sculpture of the Patron of Shoemakers and Tanners "San Crispin" so much that they even made a legend that the saint brings happiness and good luck.

If you want to get into a fairytale, come to Vitebsk. Even if you're in the city for the first time, you no longer have to hesitate what to see in Vitebsk. Perhaps you will draw interesting ideas for an unforgettable walk at site VitebskCity.by. And if you do not want to rush the time and do not want to foresee the events, just walk around the city. You will be impressed by unique culture of Vitebsk, which comes to life in vivid monuments of architecture and art. But soon you will unknowingly note that statues in Vitebsk deserve special attention. They embody the soul of Vitebsk residents, their gift and aspiration for miracles.

Sculpture of the Patron of Shoemakers and Tanners "San Crispin" | Monuments and Sculptures | Vitebsk - AttractionsMaybe walking in Vitebsk on a sunny day, you'll be lucky enough to get acquainted with St.Crispin, who settled on one of the city streets. The bronze shoemaker became a stylish design element of the street at once. And it does not matter that the sculpture of the patron of shoemakers and tanners “San Crispin" was cast not in Belarus but abroad on the initiative of municipal enterprise "Marco".

Despite the overseas origin, the sculpture of San Crispin does not seem outlandish. Instead, it fit into the urban landscape, creating a single seamless image of the shoe company workers. San Crispin is known worldwide as the patron of shoemakers and tanners. Shoemaker Crispin lived in France around 1000 years ago. After a martyrdom he was canonized.

Sculpture of the Patron of Shoemakers and Tanners "San Crispin" | Monuments and Sculptures | Vitebsk - AttractionsThere is even a belief among Vitebsk residents that the statue of San Crispin protects not only workers of shoe companies, but also sellers of shoes and various leather goods against adversity and trouble. And there is even a tradition: it is necessary to touch San Crispin to be lucky.

In Vitebsk - like in a fairytale - every passing day as a page from a travel book, gives a small miracle. Not far from the sculpture of San Crispin there are others no less significant attractions of Vitebsk. For example, Pushkin Bridge with wonderful landscapes filled with romance, sunshine and happiness. Majestic City Hall towers nearby. And if you listen, you will hear a melodious murmur of dripping rainbow of fountain "Junction of Three Rivers". And, of course, you should definitely look at the Resurrection Church, which bells will once again remind you of the tragic pages of the history of Vitebsk. And if you visit city portal VitebskCity.by, you will uncover the mystery of these amazing sights of Vitebsk.

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