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Article's author: Svetlana Vysotskaya
Published: 2012-09-01
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Estimable adornment of Vitebsk – a two-layer temple.

Temple of St.George the Victorious | Religious Buildings | Vitebsk - AttractionsThe Temple of St.George the Victorious favorably differs from other sights of Vitebsk because of the unique construction. The church consists of two levels and in fact contains two churches - St. George the Victorious and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The travelers like nothing better than let their own eyes to admire local attractions. Sometimes the principal is not only the creation date of the architectural monument. It doesn`t matter whether the roots of the attraction go deep into dateless antiquity or the history just made the first line in the book. The main thing is the arrangement, a unique character, harmonious combination with the local scenery and a pleasant feeling of flight, which gives a touch of beauty.

And in Vitebsk there are many such places. The main thing is not to hurry during the first acquaintance with the city. Architecture of Vitebsk is so distinctive that sometimes it feels like the time stood still, and there was an amazing stratification of the modern age rapidly moving away into the distance and the leisurely past, which has settled comfortably with its houses and streets on both sides of the Dvina River.

What to see in Vitebsk - the question is totally wrong. Culture of Vitebsk is so diverse and it won’t take a day or two to get acquainted with it so thoroughly. The history of the city of Vitebsk is rich for happy and tragic events, and all this is reflected in the life of the modern city, its architecture and culture.

Temple of St.George the Victorious | Religious Buildings | Vitebsk - AttractionsConsider the Temple of St.George the Victorious, for example. Its construction was due not only to the developing dynamic city, but also taking into account the wishes of the years gone by. In Russia, a warrior in armor was always associated not with war and with a brave and gallant husband, who stands to protect his country and is ready at any moment to give his life for its safety. And it was decided to build the Temple of St.George the Victorious in Vitebsk on the eve of the remarkable date - the 50th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The decision was taken at the very moment when Vitebsk Eparchy took the building, which was formerly the depot of the former airport.

Construction of the Temple of St.George the Victorious began in August 1995 and on next April the church held its first worship service on the occasion of the Great Orthodox Easter. Exactly two years later, the consecrated bells were raised on the church, and a year later, in 1998, the Temple of St.George the Victorious visited the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II himself.

In fact, the idea of the temple`s construction dates back to the XIX century. It was decided to build some kind of a memorial church in honor of the heroes of 1812 War. And then in Vitebsk a place to build a church was chosen. But at that time due to a number of reasons the project has remained on paper. In the 90 years of XX century, it was decided to revive the idea and still build a church in the selected location. However, already in memory of the victory over fascism in World War II. And in such a way the Temple of St.George the Victorious appeared, which currently has the status of the center of the Southern Deanery of the city of Vitebsk.

Being estimable adornment of the modern city, the church fits into the local landscape, concluding elements of the developing Vitebsk in a single composition. Shading the light and harmony, the Temple of St.George the Victorious has become a necessary complement to the local landscape, while meeting the needs of the modern age.

The Temple of St.George the Victorious differs from the rest churches in Vitebsk. The thing is that the singularity of the building is a two-level structure. In this attraction of Vitebsk, in fact, two churches are found side by side. The Temple of St.George the Victorious, patron of soldiers, is located on the upper level and the lower level is given to the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The interior of the relic differs by severity and brevity, creating a feeling of peace and security. Perhaps that is why it is so loved by the parishioners.

Coming out from the Temple of St.George the Victorious, walk slowly in the neighborhood. You may also want to visit the Church of the Holy Apostle Andrew First-Called (located at Chkalov str., 44), which was built nearby. In addition, historical and cultural heritage of the city of Vitebsk is complemented by Memorial Complex "Three bayonet" in Victory Square and the Monument to Soldiers - Internationalists "Pain" (Soldiers - Internationalists Street). A leisurely walk along Lenin Street will give you many enjoyable moments.

Address of the Temple of St.George the Victorious: 28/13 Chernyahovsky av., Vitebsk.
Phones: +375 212 238349, 615808.
The Abbot: archpriest Nikolay Kolyada.