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Public transport in Vitebsk.

Vitebsk Trolley BusVitebsk is a complex city; to solve its mystery will take not one day. On the way of research and discovery you cannot do without public transport in Vitebsk. Its routes scatter to all corners of the city as invisible threads, discovering the wonderful world of sights, immediately transforming an ordinary trip into an unforgettable journey.

Vitebsk is a modern city with well-developed infrastructure. You can get every corner of the city by public transport in Vitebsk. Here buses, trolley buses and trams are hurry hustling in the spacious streets in different directions. And those who are not used to wait, and loves the pace of life, will appreciate a taxi or a route taxi.

The fare is paid directly in the transport. In a bus, a trolley bus or a tram you can buy a ticket from the conductor, who works directly in the cabin of the vehicle. A one-way trip will cost 1400 belarussian rubles. A trip in a route taxi will amount to 4000 belarussian rubles. A ride in a taxi will cost considerably more expensive - from 3000 belarussian rubles per kilometre. However, there is also an advantage that you do not have to study carefully the transport routes of Vitebsk, trying to get as quickly as possible to the destination - the taxi driver will do this job for you.

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