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Article's author: Svetlana Vysotskaya
Published: 2013-04-07
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Route Taxi.

When you are out of time and need to do much more, Vitebsk Route Taxi will come to succour. Urban Route Taxis ply on 46 routes encircling the city along and across.

It is twice profitable to use the services of Vitebsk Route Taxi: first, the speed is attracting with which they cut through the city streets; second, seductive price of the ride lures, which is, though, somewhat higher than in public transport, but it is much more attractive than the rates of city taxi services.

Vitebsk Route Taxi will deliver you to any part of the city at lightning speed. And during a short trip, you can see different sights of Vitebsk. Whichever route you will choose - you will definitely have the luck to see the memorials and unique architectural buildings of the city.

And if you're interested in the way to the bus or railway station, then 1T, 32Т, 55Т, 56Т, 57Т, 64Т, 66Т, 76Т, 77Т, 94Т, 99Т Route Taxis will deliver you to the point of destination in the blink of an eye.